Coraline Graphic Novel
Coraline Graphic Novel
By Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by P. Craig Russell
On Sale: 6/24/2008
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Coraline is an extraordinary fairy tale/nightmare from the uniquely skewed imagination of #1 New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman. Acclaimed artist P. Craig Russell brings Neil Gaiman's enchanting tale to new life in this gorgeously illustrated graphic novel adaptation.

Reader Reviews

What a spectacular book. I had never read the story of Coraline before, so this was a brand new experience for me. Neil Gaiman has crafted a true classic with this tale. The illustration by P. Craig Russell is also top notch. The illustrated version helps you visualize the world of Coraline and the world of the “Other Mother.” The art shows the contrast between the two worlds and helps drawn you in. I think this is a wonderful book and will be a big hit with Coraline fans, old and new.
   — Josh (Leesburg, VA)

Coraline Graphic Novel is a breath-taking novel that will fill you with excitement, panic, and fear! The well-drawn pictures clearly depict what is happening and send a ghostly chill down your spine. This book gripped me from the first page and made me question many things I thought I knew! If there was ever a graphic novel that had so much thrill and imagination inside I would have to see it to believe it! This is certainly a number one book on my list!
   — Wendy (El Dorado Hills, CA)

I thought the original version was brilliant, but to see the book through Giaman's eyes is a totally new experience!
   —  Angela (Montgomery, AL)

Coraline Graphic Novel is as hauntingly beautiful as the original tale. It adds a further dimension with the artwork. Stunning and intriguing-the artwork helps to complete the story making it a treat for the eyes.
   —  Susan (Saint Paul, MN)

Critic Reviews

“A virtuoso adaptation…a master of fantastical landscapes, Russell sharpens the realism of his imagery, preserving the humanity of the characters and heightening the horror, even as Gaiman’s concise storytelling ratchets up the eeriness.”   — Booklist (starred review)

“This book will send a shiver down your spine, out through your shoes, and into a taxi to the airport. It has the delicate horror of the finest fairy tales, and it is a masterpiece. And you will never think about buttons in quite the same way again.”
   — Terry Pratchett

“I think this book will nudge ALICE IN WONDERLAND out of its niche at last. It is the most splendidly original, weird, and frightening book I have read, and yet full of things children will love.”
   — Diana Wynne Jones

A Note From Neil

I've been a fan of P. Craig Russell's work since I was about fifteen, when I persuaded my school to let me write about an episode of Killraven in my English exams. He's one of the most elegant and beautiful artists working in comics today, and one of the things he does better than anyone is to adapt things into comics form. He's adapted operas and Kipling stories, he's even adapted short stories of mine, and I've always loved what he did.

So when I was asked by Harper Childrens who I would like to see adapt CORALINE, my scary children's novel, into a graphic novel, I said "P.Craig Russell, please." I knew it would look good, I knew the adaptation would be faithful and the art would be beautiful.

I wasn't expecting how good either would be. Craig's adaptation of Coraline is a two hundred page graphic novel, coloured by Digital Chameleon, that's gorgeous and haunting, and, most importantly for me, a real book in its own right.