The Silver Dream

By Neil Gaiman


New York Times bestselling authors Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves deliver a thrilling sequel to the science fiction novel InterWorld, full of riveting interdimensional battles and alternate realities.

After mastering the ability to walk between dimensions, Joey Harker and his fellow InterWorld freedom fighters are now on a mission to maintain peace between the rival powers of magic and science who seek to control all worlds.

When a stranger named Acacia somehow follows Joey back to InterWorld's base, things get complicated. No one knows who she is or where she's from—or how she knows so much about InterWorld.

Dangerous times lie ahead for Joey and the mission. There's a traitor hidden among them, and if Joey has any hope of saving InterWorld, the multiverse, and the mission, he's going to have to rely on his wits—and, just possibly, on the mysterious Acacia Jones.

With a story conceived by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves and written by Michael and Mallory Reaves, this mind-bending follow-up to the exciting science fiction novel InterWorld is a compelling fantasy adventure through time and space, in which the future depends on a young man who is more powerful than he realizes.

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Behind the Book

From the authors: Several years ago, Michael Reaves and Neil Gaiman wrote a book together. This book was handed to their children in manuscript form when they were the same age as Joey, the protagonist. Opinions were asked for and given, the book went through some revisions, and it was handed back to the children again. This kept on until its release in 2007.

InterWorld rose quickly to the New York Times bestseller list. It became a cult classic in several countries, with readers writing in to ask for more. The authors’ own children were among them.

A few years later, it was decided that InterWorld’s story would continue.

By then, Michael Reaves had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Typing is difficult for him, though he’s still working on a great many projects. Thus, he and Neil brought a third writer in to help write the InterWorld sequel: Mallory Reaves—Michael’s daughter.

The three of us met several times to discuss Joey’s fate. Words were written, plots were woven, and we discovered we all had the same story in mind. Mallory would write, Michael would edit, Neil would invite them out for sushi and introduce a major plot twist like “Let’s strand him in the future!” or “There’s a traitor in their midst!”

We, the writers, are ready to move on to the next part of Joey’s journey. He’s gotten himself into quite a mess, but don’t worry—by the time you’ve read that part, we’ll be working on getting him out of it. Time travel and Multiverses are funny that way.
Mallory Reaves, Michael Reaves, and Neil Gaiman

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ISBN: 9780062254030

ISBN10: 0062254030

Imprint: HarperTeen

On Sale: 23/04/2013


BISAC2: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General