What You Need to Be Warm

During the coldest season, when the world feels scary—what do you remember about being warm?

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Meet Neil Gaiman

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Sometimes, when he was smaller, people used to tell Neil Gaiman not to make things up. He never listened. Now he’s written more than twenty-five books and has been given dozens of awards, many of them been given dozens of awards, many of them astonishingly ugly. He’s written television drama and for movies, and for comics. He’s even written “non-fiction”, which he learned is only marginally less made-up than the fiction.

Sometimes he thinks about finding some of those people who warned him of all the awful things that would happen if he kept making things up, and finding out if it’s happened yet, or is still going to happen, and whether he should buy a tin hat and thick boots for protection. In the meantime, he grows pumpkins and keeps on making things up.

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